Our business

We have been running our small business only for a short time, but we run it with great enthusiasm, even if we have to continue working our day jobs. Being enthusiastic fans of apartments in small structures far away from hustle and bustle ourselves, choosing this business was a logical decision coming from the bottom of our hearts - and we have had no regrets so far! In addition, we made the experience that we attract exactly that kind of guests who want the same as us: uncomplicated holiday in natural surroundings - but with certain quality standards. The nicest compliment for us are satisfied guests who like to come back!

We truly appreciate our peaceful, rural environment and are grateful to live in this beautiful place. We would love to give you the possibility to experience the quiet and touch with nature, too. Therefore, we will try not to disturb your privacy at all, in order for you to be able to fully relish your holidays. Just enjoy the luxury not to be available and forget about everyday life and indulge in some days with your loved ones. It's so precious… Here you can completely withdraw and recharge your batteries for everyday life. We'd be glad to welcome you in our house!
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What does distinguish us from other homes?

  • a life in harmony with the surrounding nature
  • a maximum of privacy and absolute independence
  • soothing peace and relaxation in a quiet place
  • a comfortable and very personal ambience, designed with love
  • a touch of (sustainable) luxury through the exclusive sauna use, some very high-quality equipment and many small household extras
  • natural, homemade food products, fresh from the garden with »zero miles«
  • a welcome with fresh garden herbs and our own seasonal products
  • various amenities for a easygoing holiday with children
Curious? We would be glad to welcome you in our house and look forward to meeting you!


Your hosts Thomas, Martha & Benedikt Thaler
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